The World Is Going Android

With the release of new and updated versions of android smart phones, the whole world is going Android. The PCs, laptops, and even iPhones are being replaced by Android phones and devices. Well, here are some important reasons why everyone is turning towards Android. Just have a look!
Android World

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1. Low barricade to ingress:

Android features a low barricade to ingress. It does not require any expensive licensing fees or any development tools. Rather, you can develop applications without putting in even a dime. The initial costs can be categorized into three sections – testing and development expertise, royalty fees (if, in any case, you opt to distribute through third party application stores), plus test devices.

2. A perfect platform for companies new to mobile:

The applications on android have been encrypted in Java, also including a well-to-do set of libraries. It is comparatively easier to get Android apps up and running if you have knowledge about working with Java. Also, there are numerous java programmers in the web market thus providing good and effective Android platform documentation. Jumping into mobile development has never been this easier as has been made by Android. With Java being a big part of this, it is essential that developers look into how they can refactor monolithic to microservices to upgrade any aging application frameworks, as Java applications update themselves when required. Making this jump can help services evolve independently which is beneficial for all users.

3. Various Distribution Mechanisms:

Contrasting other mobile daises, Android applications can be strewn in many different ways. Additionally, you can use a variety of third-party app stores (most specifically Google’s Android Market) as well as create your specific distribution channels. These channels may relate to vertical market application purposes for development of new app stores. Conversely, you may even place it behind corporate parapet. Furthermore, you can also publish it if you make it. Don’t think that the application created by you may not reach the end users. Undoubtedly, third party app stores may enforce their specific rules about the stuff to be published. However, because of not having a single marketplace, there are numerous options available.

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4. Open and free platform:

Royalty free, license free, as well as an open platform: this is Android. It doesn’t feature any expensive licensing fees. Moreover, the basic architecture of Android being an open-source, it becomes even easier to watch imminent releases to give feedback to the Android development team thus making the Android platform really persuasive for wireless operators as well as handset manufacturers, which in turn provides better monetizing options. besides, Android is also the ideal choice for vertical market application that calls for tight integrations and extreme customization.
Free Source Android

5. Ideal mobile dais for inter-application integration:

Last but not the least, the Android platform is considered to be the best mobile platform inter-process as well as inter-application architectures. If you have in mind a suite of apps and want to cross promote or integrate them, Android is the perfect competitive platform. There are also various other platforms that facilitate the best of background processes. However, the Android platform has been brought about for building trust associations among applicants to provide a better and stronger bonding experience for the users.

These are, however, just some of the reasons why world is going Android. The list is quite long!

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  1. Vishnudath

    Yes pavan, you said the truth 🙂 Already most of the mobile companies stated producing android mobiles. now android is going vary viral 😉 even i bought an android mobile 😛
    Vishnudath recently posted..You do not have Sufficient Permissions To Access this Page (Solved)My Profile

  2. Sarvesh Darak

    Hello Pavan Somu,

    Excellent post! Well yes, during this year we can a huge growth of android mobiles all over the world. The only reason for this growth is its great features and other things which make it viral.

    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..5 Messenger Apps that you need to try outMy Profile

  3. Gordon Olson

    That’s true. Android is the king of the hill and no other Smartphone platform will ever have a chance to beat Google anymore. I was planning to buy a Nokia with the new Windows platform, but I love Android too much so I stick with it.
    Gordon Olson recently posted..PC Health Advisor – Does It Really Work?My Profile

  4. Debashisa Jena

    I love the open source nature of android, cause its the gateway to make custom roms, which I absolutely love.
    Android lacks apple’s ecosystem, but Its just one thing that lacks behind.

    In other way android rocks
    Debashisa Jena recently posted..Justhost Review – PostgreSQL, SSH Access, Custom Php.ini – Only $3.25/moMy Profile

  5. Mitch

    Yes Pavan, Android is going viral and the points you have mentioned in this post are really correct about Android.
    Mitch recently posted..Cardboard Cat: The Best Animal Cosplay for GuaGuaMy Profile

  6. Raj kumar

    Hey Pawan, you are doing a great job, I’m using Android phone and it is awesome as mentioned by you.
    Raj kumar recently posted..5 Best Windows 8 laptopsMy Profile

  7. MNB Achari

    Hi, Pavan. This post just reiterates the fact that Android is and will be ruling the mobile OS industry for quite some time. Android is so flexible that even small companies grabbed it to make money.
    MNB Achari recently posted..How to Root Micromax Canvas HD A116 (‘Unroot’ Procedure Included)?My Profile

  8. Krishna

    Nice one Pavan. Truly Android has defeated all other main stream mobile computing OS with a big margin. I think the fourth reason you have mentioned “free Platform” is the biggest reason behind the success story of Android.
    Krishna recently posted..Micromax PC Suite Free DownloadMy Profile

  9. Amar Prakash

    I completely agree your points Pavan…) I’m also using android mobile only its very comfortable too.

  10. Shiv Sharma

    Thanks Pavan for sharing this informative article on the success of Android in the smartphone world.

    Android is an open-source platform brought by Google back in 2005 marks the beginning of a new era and now we all are enjoying the benefits of this operating system

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