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5 Best Web Browsers For your Smartphone

Android is no doubt becoming more and more popular OS in the world and is expected to the overtake Apple by the next year. One of the main features of android is its internet

How to Quickly Setup VPN on Android

Every individual in today’s world own a smartphone for personal or business use. Android based smartphones are very common and people use their device to access the internet. The internet access on your phone

Best Security Applications for Android

Everyday the internet and news is filled with security issues concerning Android. Malicious applications in the Play Market and mobile malware is something very small, as time ages hackers get more determined and knowledgeable

5 Best Android Apps For Business

If you are a businessman , then you must be dealing with the problem of time management, business plans, meets etc. But thanks to technology who has given us Android which supports so many

How To Download and Install Apps from Android Market

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps available to download via the Google Play service, but you might not be sure about how you actually get them on to your smartphone. Here is

Top 15 Android Apps for Bloggers

The world is filled with bloggers, each one intent on sharing their opinions with a global audience and engaging the wider community on a subject about which they are passionate. If you have an